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APC - Approach Controller
  • IFR Outbound 8
  • IFR Inbound 10
  • Simultaneous APP 3
  • Missed APP 1
  • Traffic via text 1
  • Emergency 1

Requirements APC

1. APC Exam

The ADC exam consists of a series of tasks, which evaluate your basic knowledge of ATC and your abilities as a controller. We recommend you to request a practical training to IVAO Argentina staff before applying for the exam.

2. IvAc and communication modes

  • Establish voice and/or text communications with pilots
  • Fill the ATIS correctly
  • Be able to transmit via text on the frequency and via private message
  • Request a METAR and a TAF for a remote station

3. Theoretical knowledge for the exam

  • Decode METAR / TAF
  • Be able to explain charts for the operation of aerodrome controller, including SID, ground, and visual approach
  • Good knowledge of VFR, SVFR and night VFR
  • Explain Y & Z flightplans, icluding how to give a proper clearance
  • Good knowledge about the airspace construction including TMA and FIR around the airport. Likewise, its classification and relation with the provided separation and information and the pilot / controller responsibilities
  • Explain the content of a Flight Strip
  • Good knowledge about TRL/TA, QNH, QFE, QDM, QDR; separations by wake turbulence according to the aircraft mass, significative meteorological phenomena (windshear) and how to inform the crew about it

4. Exam

  • Correct ATIS setup
  • Enough and proper coordination with the adjacent ATC units at all necessary times.
  • Enough and proper traffic management and information
  • Management of different emergency situations
  • Correct SSR identification procedures
  • MRVA, MSA, MEA conservation during vectoring guide and direct routes
  • Ability to provide radar vectors
  • Ability to maintain surveillance and assist pilots whenever information is requested
  • Correct use of EATs and holdings
  • Radar separation